TCG Marketing - Paid for TV ads that never ran

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I am a physician that used their services and had to pay a set fee per month.First they told me and others that they wouldn't start advertising until they had 20 like minded docs.

They took the money but i never saw an ad. When I asked them for the time slots they told me three weeks AFTER the ads supposedly ran. I contacted the local television stations that they supposedly "paid" and found out the stations never heard of them. When i asked them for a refund they threatened ME with legal action.

Stay away from them like the plague.

Review about: Injury Network.



I had the same experience. Avoid Anne Gelvin and everyone associated with her. They are all liars and crooks.

TCG Marketing, Injury Network, Unethical Liars


I was in a car accident and thought I would use this company to find a local attorney. What a scam operation this is. Find they send me to this attorney that would not return my phone calls, then they send me to this other guy that was completely rude. When I said I didn't want to use them, they billed me for a $250 referral service charge! The fine print states that their service is only free if you use them! I refused to pay and they sent it to a collection agency!

Avoid these liars!

TCG Marketing SUCKS.

Review about: Injury Network.

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